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BRAVE + STRONG Financial Assistance Program

We believe that everyone can benefit from therapy and that finances should not stand in the way of getting started or maintaining the services that are

We have found that the two most common barriers standing in the way of starting or maintaining therapy services are the inaccurate stigma surrounding mental health and the finances required to attain the counseling. Breaking the stigma for mental health is the mission of our business. Our goal is to direct the narrative that asking for help or talking about one’s feelings requires bravery and strength. Knowing that finances are often a barrier to maintaining mental health services, we developed the BRAVE + STRONG program to help provide financial support to those in need.

Our BRAVE AND STRONG program, established in 2021, runs every May to promote resilience and reduce the stigma of mental health. Throughout the duration of the campaign, we partner with local businesses to raise funds that are used to support clients experiencing financial hardship through the sales of our BRAVE + STRONG tee-shirts.

The average cost of mental health therapy sessions in our area is about $150 per session (without insurance). To effectively learn the skills of cognitive behavioral therapy and experience improved anxiety symptoms, treatment may require a minimum of 6 sessions.

Together with our program partners, we raised a total of $3,500.00 over the past 2 years. These funds assisted us in directly supporting more than 15 individuals who were faced with having to pause their existing treatment or the inability to begin new services due to financial hardship.

We know that the world feels like it’s upside down at times and having a safe space to explore one’s innermost thoughts and feelings can make all the difference in making things feel right side up again. Getting individuals the opportunity to feel safe enough to give that a try is our goal. To be successful, we need the support of our community that shares our mission.

The funds raised for this program were made possible with the support of our caring and generous community along with businesses who partnered with us and believe in our mission.

We are especially grateful to Amanda Finn Design Co. for designing our tee, Black Cactus Print House for printing the tees, and the following stores for partnering with us to sell our tees in their shops: House of 423 and Arlo Hendrix in Downtown Batavia, Wyckwood House of Aurora and Wheaton, Boxwood Co. of West Dundee, and Hampshire Social of Hampshire. We are also very thankful for the online support from the Avocado Mama and The Modern Domestic Woman as they have brought excitement and attention to our goals and mission for the campaign.

boxwood home design and cabinetry
boxwood home design and cabinetry
Slate & Clove Collective
House of 423
Wyckwood House

Ways to join in on our mission

Tee-shirt Sales

Purchase your own BRAVE + STRONG tee or grab one as a gift to recognize the strength and resilience of someone you know. Tees can be purchased in-person at Arlo Hendrix (Batavia), Boxwood Co. (West Dundee), Hampshire Social (Hampshire), House of 423 (Batavia) & Wyckwood House (Aurora + Wheaton). Tees are also available to purchase online from Black Cactus Print House by clicking HERE.

Monetary Donations

Monetary contributions can easily be made online by clicking HERE if you’d like to donate directly to the BRAVE + STRONG Program. There is no minimum amount and every bit helps a great deal!

Learn More

We’d love for you to learn more about Stronger, our mission and team. Click HERE to explore more about who we are and the services we provide.

Program Sponsor

If you are a business or community member who aligns with our mission to help reduce the cost of therapy services to those in need and would like to learn more about becoming a BRAVE + STRONG Program Sponsor, click HERE to get started.

Current & Prospective Clients

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, the BRAVE + STRONG Program is for YOU! Even with insurance, therapy can still be expensive. We never want you having to choose between mental health therapy or registration fees for the activities your children love and need.

Prioritizing your mental health requires bravery and strength, and asking for financial help may feel humbling so we want to make it as easy as possible! If you are in need of financial assistance, please click HERE to complete a contact form and simply write “Brave and Strong” in the message field. Then we’ll be back in touch shortly after to share info on the support we’re able to extend.