Individual Therapy

Do you experience anxiety, self- doubt, worry or fear that is holding you back from trying new things, or feeling confident in yourself and around others? Do you try your best to “put on a happy face” and act like everything is OK?

Depression and Anxiety are treatable mental health conditions.

In the therapy process, you can expect that we will partner with you to understand your specific symptoms and how they impact you and design the best treatment approach possible. 

Together we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. We will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles.  We’re confident you’ll find our personalized individual therapy beneficial and inspirational.

“Try not to get too far ahead of yourself and be happy with  where you’re at.”

– Miranda Lambert

Within the therapeutic process, we can help you to unpack past interpersonal injury, relationship dysfunction, and any trauma that you’ve experienced. Together we’ll explore feelings as they relate to your past and current experiences; and how they might be holding you back from living your fullest life. We will discover how these feelings impact your thoughts which then, affect the actions and choices that we make to cope.  It is all too often that when one is stuck in a cycle of anxious thoughts it can be difficult to find a way out and change the way they feel. The cycle of anxious and depressive thoughts can often keep you from truly enjoying all that you are apart of or avoiding what used to bring you joy altogether. As we work together to unpack your past, we partner with you to promote insight and healing to achieve personal wellness; and a greater sense of power and control over your life.

We would be honored to guide you on your personal journey towards achieving a life with improved personal wellness and happiness.