Do you want to take better care of yourself but just don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you! 

Our Self Care Essentials Program is exactly what you need to help implement self care routines and rituals that leave you feeling fueled, fulfilled, and connected.

Let’s leave all that all that stress, guilt, and procrastination behind for good. 


 If you’re ready to ditch the guilt for taking time to take care of YOU and ready to learn what it how to invest in your self -care and the benefits you can expect to receive by doing so…

then the Self- Care Essentials Package is exactly what you need.

With the Self-Care Essentials Package, A clinical therapist on our team with send you an in depth self-care assessment for you to complete independently.  Our Self- Care assessment is designed to give us a clear picture of your day to day self care routines, the expectations you have for yourself, and the goals you want to achieve.  

Self Care Essentials Package from Stronger

A clinical therapist will then design self care routines and rituals especially for you. You can expect to receive a personalized self care plan  that will map out specific ways that to take better care of yourself and actually feel more joy from the small things and not like you’re adding one more item on your already busy to- do list.


Once we have organized the self care essentials that you would benefit from most we’ll schedule a 1:1 session with you that can be held in person (if you’re local) or via zoom if you’re not a close 😉


In our session go over all of the recommendations we’ve organized for you and also spend a good chunk of our time together really talking about what self care means and what you can expect in terms of the impact we think it will have on your happiness, productivity, and motivation.

After your 1:1 session, you’ll leave with your detailed plan and approaches to self-care that you can begin to seamlessly incorporate into your routine.

Self Care Essentials is designed to provide you with a greater understanding of the psychological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical benefits of self-care. Your plan will be something you can always refer back to and keep  should you ever “fall off track” and need a reminder of what can help you feel most cared for.

Cost: The Self-Care Essentials  costs $225.00 and includes an online, in-depth self care assessment that  a licensed therapist will use to then build a detailed plan to incorporate self-care habits into your busy life-style. Your personalized self care recommendations and education will be presented to you during a scheduled (in-person or virtual) meeting to unpack all of the recommendations that were made especially for YOU!